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Rhythmic Gymnastics – Leotards for Champions!

Before her performance, the gymnast and her coach work thoroughly through her performance. What the leotard will be like influences the completeness of the performance, the self-confidence of the gymnast. It might be more difficult to choose a design for a rhythmic gymnastics leotard than to make all the rest of preparations!

The basic Modlen collection is aimed at all the styles and genres of gymnast performances and practically any leotard may be recoloured into any other colour. But, nevertheless, ready-made leotards for rhythmic gymnastics don’t always match the image that needs to be created.

Thanks to our high-technology workshop and a high number of specialists in the sphere of leotard sewing, this problem is easy to solve! A rhythmic gymnastics leotard can only be sewn purely for the performance.

Several managers work at once with Europe, the USA and Australia, and answer to our clients’ urgent letters by email as soon as possible, working in a 24/7 mode. This allows to take decisions about the choice and the order of leotards as soon as possible.

The order of a low-cost leotard is carried out strictly by your measurements and additional wishes. It usually takes up to 4 weeks (in high season) to register your order, to sew and to send the leotard, but urgent sewing and delivery can speed up the receipt of your handmade product.

Luckily for gymnasts and designers, International federation for rhythmic gymnastics doesn’t restrict the decoration of leotards for rhythmic gymnastics at all. There are only several common rules that apply to moral standards.

For example, the lower point of a décolleté of a rhythmic gymnastics leotard should be in the middle of the chest. The most important thing is that the leotard should allow the gymnast to reveal herself in rhythmic gymnastics, shouldn’t bind movements and should allow the gymnast to feel absolutely free and confident.

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