About Modlen Studio

Modlen Studio was founded in the year of 2000. Its main work is competition leotards for sports and  rhythmic gymnastics, from sketching to sewing, as well as costumes for figure skating, dance costumes, evening and ball dresses, fancy dresses. Exclusive works, individual approach to each customer, creation of a harmonious image, huge portfolio of works and endless stream of new ideas — this is how you can briefly describe “Modlen”.

“Don’t worry if people steal your ideas. If your ideas are stolen, it means they work well”.
Howard Aiken, the scientist and the creator of the first computer.

Perhaps, the best way to prove the establishment of a person or a company — is to find out if their ideas are stolen. If they are, then they are successful! This means their ideas are indeed valuable ! Nobody would steal rusty iron, when the a bar of gold lies next to it. To accuse dull-witted thieves of plagiarism is the destiny of the weak. But the strong always find new ideas. So it is with Modlen Studio — just as soon as their leotards shine at competitions, you can see the copies, completely identical to the original, but of different quality and implementation. Well, let it be, after all, Elena Levitskaya, the founder of the the studio, will always find new ideas. Her rhythmic gymnastics leotards, as well as other costumes, shine again at the most prestigious competitions and championships.

You may ask: “Why rhythmic gymnastics and leotards?”. It’s quite a specific occupation. However, nothing in this world happens by chance. Firstly, Elena Levitskaya was herself involved in this kind of sport in childhood and, secondly, a friend asked her for help, when her daughter needed a leotard for a performance. Perhaps, but for Elena’s author’s approach, an innate sense of beauty and vast experience in the design and tailoring, that leotard could have been the first and the last one. However, the experiment was a success. Since then you can start the counting of history of Modlen Studio.

Nowadays gymnastics is one of the most popular kinds of sport that can also draw attention of public at large. The leotards for rhythmic gymnastics competitions are the different story, because an effective entrance of a gymnast, a brilliant costume, harmony throughout on a subjective level, influence judges’ assessment, one way or another.

There is another advantage — more and more children are attracted by rhythmic gymnastics, and leotards, with a right approach, can highlight the required merits of the figure and hide its demerits, because all children are different, you know. Drawings and applications, bearing a purely aesthetic function, actually make a good gymnast a great gymnast!

All models are developed individually, taking into account music and colors of sports equipment, with which the gymnast will perform. At times laborious and capacious days are needed to create a harmonious image, and  it can take about four thousand stones on the average to decorate a leotard!

“Sew with love” — this is the main principle of Elena Levitskaya. And it is felt in everything, especially in the number of regular customers from all over the world, from America to Australia. Modlen is known everywhere: in Canada, Europe, and even in such exotic countries as Gibraltar, Andorra, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and in many others.

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